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vice chancellor

Prof. S. K. Gakhar

Vice Chancellor

Dear Students,
Welcome to the academic year 2019-20.

It is a matter of immense pleasure for me to be a part of the Indira Gandhi University, Meerpur, Rewari – IGU family as its Vice-Chancellor. IGU is poised to welcome a new batch of vibrant and vivacious students who will bring with them new ideas, sustainable plans and ground breaking projects. This combination of fresh ideas and verve will definitely boost our enthusiasm to work towards the realization of our vision for “Excellence and Service”.
For those of you returning to IGU, after being promoted to next class, we are glad to have you back as you continue your journey to the next stage. For those new students who are just joining our community, we encourage you to make the most of your time here. Your university experience will be what you make it, and your opportunities will only be limited by the limits you place on yourself.
As you start a new academic year, take advantage of the many changes that will help you achieve your full potential. The curricular changes are made to keep you on the road of professional success, such as tutoring, seminars, self study paper, communication skills, computer application, quantitative techniques and workshops on improving time management, note-taking and test preparation.
Adequate infrastructure is a priority for the University. I encourage you to get involved in the array of opportunities and initiatives to be hosted by the student welfare department throughout the year.
During the year, you can also join me for a Chat and Chew session – an opportunity for me to learn more about you, your plans for your future, and to answer your questions.
I am counting on you to make this your best year at IGU. We are here to support you every step of the way. Supporting you is central to our mission at IGU. We are here to guide you as you become the best version of yourself. I wish and assure you on behalf of the University family that we will help you pursue your objectives of life under the varied social, cultural and economic environment
and make the University family proud of your attainments.
Remember to make it a great year. I will see you soon.
S.K. Gakhar