Lisining Officer

Prof. Tej Singh

Contact No: 9416372012


The constitution of SC/ST Cell Cell is as follows:

1.    Prof. Tej Singh                                                                                      Contactno: 9416372012

2.    Dr. Balkar Singh                                                                                    Contactno: 9466920466

3.    Dr. Satish Kumar                                                                                    Contactno: 9812491644

4.    Dr. Deepak Gupta                                                                                  Contactno: 9255405507


The Mandate of SC/ST Cell is to ensure, protect and promote theinterest of person belonging to SC and ST Category.


1.    To inform/assist themto avail various scholarship provided by the Government.

2.    To sensitise theuniversity community towards specific needs of the SC/ST person.

3.    To formulate andexecute policies for the capability development of SC/ST person like basiccomputer skills and remedial language classes.

4.    To make available variouslaws and regulations related to welfare scheme and mechanism for SC/ST person.

Activities of the SC/STCell





Women/ Sexual HarassmentCell


The women cell is established in the university as per thedirection issued by the Supreme Court and MHRD to provide and maintain adignified, congenial working environment for women employees includingteaching, non-teaching.  Women are alwaystreated as receiving end in the society. In every sphere of life they aredenied for their social, cultural, economic, legal, political and religiousrights.. University being a knowledge hub has responsibility of socialsensitivity and awareness on its shoulders.


 The Cell has followingobjectives (although the list is not exhaustive) -

Ø  Toprovide empathetic counseling environment for psychological empowerment tostudents and local women about their problems which they cannot share easily.

Ø  Toanalyze underlying causes through research to women discrimination and togenerate awareness.

Ø  To developmentgender sensitive curriculum according to regional and national demands.

Ø  Theforms of various government schemes for the welfare of women and girl childwill be available free of cost and members will help to fill those forms.

Ø  Tocombine knowledge and practice by facilitating discussion of the latest inanalysis and approaches to women's equality from both academic andcommunity-based participants, from a rich variety of perspectives – by creativedeconstruction of women's experiences.

Ø  To sensitizethe women students of University and society about their individual growth likenutrition, health, hygiene and sanitation.




The constitution of Women/ Sexual Harassment Cell is as follows:

1.    Prof. ManjuPruthi  (Convener)                            Contact no: 9416237281

2.    Dr. Romika Batra                                                   Contactno: 98101251030

3.    Dr. Sonu Madan                                                    Contactno: 868591117

4.    Dr. Aditi




HR &Development Cell/Career Counseling, Training and Placement Cell

With the aim of ensuring the quality education and gettingstudents placed in reputed organizations/institutes/NGOsIndira GandhiUniversity Meerpur  with it’s imbibefocus on the multidisciplinary approach strives hard for the development ofoverall personality of the students. With the objective to equip the studentswith all kind of employability skills so that they can be absorbed in theglobal job-market, a Career Counseling, HR & Development Cell/CareerCounseling, Training and Placement Cell has been constituted in the University.

The constitution of HR & Development Cell/Career Counseling,Training and Placement Cell is as follows:


Prof. Tej Singh                                                                                      Convener,9416372012
Prof. Manju Pruthi                                                                                                  Contactno: 9416237281

Dr. Satish Kumar

Dr. Deepak Gupta

Dr. Vijay Hooda

Dr. Vikas Batra

Dr. Seema Mehlawat

Dr. Rajkumar

Sh. Rajender


The objectives of the cell are as follows:

Ø  Toprepare the students for successful performance in various competitive exams.

Ø  Toorganize programmes for personality development and communication skills.

Ø  Toorganize various activities for opportunity creation and skill development forstudents

The cell aims to facilitate students in the matter of job andemployment opportunities as well as to add values in the employable skills andknowledge which can be imparted to the students as per the requirement of theongoing programs in the university.