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  • Services of DSW Office
  • Duty and Responsibilities of DSW officials
  • Auditorium and Holiday Home
  • Performa /forms
  • Photo Galary
  • Notification
  1. Providing of Bus passes facility:

A major work of the office is facilitating students to travel to the University and back to home.  The office as such arranges for bus passes for students in large numbers.  The process involves the smooth conduct of various stages of cash collection, deposit, preparation and distribution.  

  1. Providing financial aid to students:

The office of the D.S.W also arranges by recommending to the Vice-Chancellor financial aid to the needy and physically handicapped students. This process involves assessing and verifying details prior to the actual disbursement.

  1. Funding of Educational/Cultural Tours:

Students are encouraged to undertake trips to places of educational and historical importance.  These trips are organized in a manner so as to develop leadership qualities and inculcate the human values among them.  Above all the trips are expected to enable students to learn and adapt to the cultural diversity and appreciate other societies and languages too.  Fifty per cent of expenditure incurred is funded by the Dean Students’ Welfare. 

  1. Arranging of inter-disciplinary and guest lectures:

The office of D.S.W. also provides financial assistance for arranging guest lectures in the different University Teaching Departments as well as inter-disciplinary lectures.  

  1. Cultural activities

The DSW office organizes the Annual Function, Foundation Day, Diwali Fest, and   many other Youth Culture Programmes of U.T.D. students. A calendar of Activities is released every year. Under the Chairmanship and able guidance of Dean Students Welfare, the department has been active in supporting many initiatives for improving the cultural atmosphere in the University.

S.Y.W Over all supervision of  Youth  Welfare activities, Music Rooms; Student activity centre,/Shops,Holiday Home, Organization of Camps&Sports,ZYF meetings and orgniztion Field work of all activities under the aegis of DSW Office.
Sh.Ishwar SinghClerk

Maintenance of DS Account(Budget and Cash Book);  RTI; Dictation  Work; Contingencies; ACR; Telephone Bills; News Paters Bills; Preparation of Noting Sheets; Other Important Tasks assigned by DSW/DYW.   

Smt. Kusum LataClerk

Audit Work ; Diary/Dispatch ; Youth Festivals&Campus  Programmes Stock Registers ; Minutes &Meetings Records Keeping ; File Movement record register ; Put up File /Date received from various agencies /offices to DSW/DYW and typing work.

Mr  SonuHelperPreparation/issue of Bus Passes of UTD Students; Liasening with Roadways Staff; Collection of all kinds of Fee receipts and maintenance of PV/RV.
Mrs. NeeruPeon 
Sh.Vinay KumarSupdt.