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  1. Notification Regarding Exam Activities( for Tika ram College of Education)
  2. Exam Notice for PG-2
  3. Notification regarding member of Academic Council
  4. Notification regarding RLB Hostel warden
  5. Exam Notification regarding M. Com. (Hons) 7th sem
  6. Ph. D Merit list
  7. Girl Hostel Merit Lsit
  8. Revised SOP for IGU Semester  Examination
  9. List of new students for Admission in Hostel
  10. Notification Regarding viva-voce of Alternate “Dispute Resolution” for L.L.B 5th sem students
  11. Notification Regarding viva-voce of  “Drafting, Pleading and Conveyancing” for L.L.B 3rd sem students
  12. Notification Regarding Program office NSS
  13. Notification Regarding common class for the paper “Research and Ethics”
  14. Notification Regarding C0-ordinator for the common paper of ” Research and Ethics”
  15. RLB Admission Notice with Application Form
  16. Notification regarding MBA Summer Training Report & Viva-Voce
  17. Notification regarding Convener of Editorial Board of the University
  18. Maharana Pratap Boys Hostel Vacant seats Notice
  19. SOP Guidelines
  20. Notification Regarding for the Post of  Professor and Associate Professor Advt No. 02-2021
  21. List of Ph.D. Scholars
  22.  Conduct of practical, Summer Training Report, Viva-Voce & Seminar for UG & PG 3rd, 5th, 7th & 9th Sem
  23.  Conduct of practical, summer Traingin Report, Viva-Voce & Seminar for UG & PG 1st Sem
  24. Engagement of State Project Director HSHEC
  25. Notification regarding appointment of Nodal Officer for AISHE and AIU
  26. Notification regarding Maharana Pratap Boys Hostel
  27. Extension of the Last Date for filling up re-appear/ Improvement  Exam form
  28. Notification regarding revised Admission Schedule for 2nd and 3rd phase in SFS Colleges of Education
  29. Notification regarding admission against vacant or leftover seats in B.Ed. program in Govt. and Govt. Aided Colleges of Education
  30. Submission of RR and Migration Certificate of Admission in Ph.D 
  31. Draft for constitution of Directorate of Research Cell (DRC)
  32. Extension of date for filling of RR of B.Tech. – 22.01.2021
  33. Notification for Submission of Migration-22.01.2021
  34. Fee Structure session2021-22
  35. One day National Webinar -Impact of Covid-19 Pandemic on Governance, Economy & Environment
  36. Notification Regarding 72nd  Republic Day Celebration in University Campus on 26-Jan-2021
  37.  Regarding Extension of date for online filling up/ submission of Registration Return / Continuation Return and Exam Form for the session 2020-21
  38.  Regarding extension of date of online filling up/ submission of Registration Return/ Continuation Return and Exam. Form for the session 2020-21
  39.  Information Regarding the COVID-19 Positive Student
  40.  Notice Regarding  Celebration of National Mathematics Day 
  41.  Extension of last date for filling up Re-appear/Improvement Form Odd Semester 
  42.  Regarding Extension of  Last date for filling up RR/CR 2020-21
  43.  Notice for fee structure for RR/CR (University Share) of B.Ed./ M.Ed. for session 2020-21
  44.  Regarding Extension of  Last date for filling up RR/CR 2020-21
  45.  Extended the last date for enrollment in YRC
  46. Notification regarding inviting Application Form for Admission against supernumerary seats
  47. Online Extension Lecture by Prof. Naresh Sharma on the topic “Principle of Equality and the Constitution of India”
  48.  YRC Notice  regarding Celebration of International Gita Mahotsav at Kurukshetra
  49. Notification Regarding Inviting the Application for Admission in B.Tech(CSE) 2020-21
  50.  Regarding open of University Portal for filling up Registration Return of B.Tech.1st & 3rd Sem (Lateral Entry) course for the session 2020-21 
  51.  UMC Hearing Notice
  52. Interaction for the engagement of Resource Person in the department of Botany
  53.  Regarding open of University Portal for filling up RR/CR
  54.  Notification regarding resolve the discrepancies of B.Ed. and M.Ed. admission process
  55.  Notification regarding withdrawl of filling application forms process for admission against vacant seats in MBA programme
  56.  Opening of University Portal for filling up Exam Form regular/ reappear
  57.  B.Ed / M.Ed Admission Inspection committee
  58.  Counseling Schedule for M.Sc. Mathematics with Computer Science
  59. Revised Merit List of RLB Girls Hostel
  60.  RLB Girls Hostel Merit List
  61. Notification regarding revised schedule for admission in B.Ed. and M.Ed. programmes for the session 2020-21
  62.  Notification regarding inviting application forms for admission against vacant seats in various program
  63.  Counseling for EWS category candidates for B.Pharm. Ist Sem.
  64.  Counseling of B.Pharmacy (LEET)
  65.  YRC Notice regarding enrollment of the student for the session 2020-21
  66. Hostel Admission Notice
  67.  Notification regarding inviting applications for admission in MCA and B.Tech. Programs
  68. Purchase Rules
  69. Schedule of Examination to be conducted during the year 2020-21 
  70.  Guidelines & SOPs for Opening of University
  71. Notification regarding merit list of M.A English, Hindi, Economics, MSW and M.Sc Yoga
  72.  2nd Merit list for admission 2020-21
  73. Prospectus B.Ed. and M.Ed. Programmes for the session 2020-21
  74.  Notification Regarding Display of Merit List and Guidelines for Physical Counseling for admission in M.A. Hindi, M.A. English, M.A. Economics, M.S.W. and M.Sc. Yoga Programmes
  75. Admission Notice B.Ed/ M.Ed
  76. Notification regarding guidelines for Physical Counseling for admission in various UG/PG programs for the session 2020-21
  77. 1st Merit List for Admission 2020-21
  78. Re-Consitution of IGU Meerpur Youth Red Cross Executive Committee(University level ) for 2020-21
  79. Notification regarding inviting fresh applications for admission in various programs
  80. Guidelines and Schedule for Physical Counseling for admission in various UG/PG courses for the session 2020-21
  81.  Merit list MCA
  82.  Merit list B.Tech
  83.  Procedure for B.Pharmacy Fee Submission
  84. Admission Notice B.Pharmacy
  85. Notice Regarding Schoolarship
  86. Notice regarding Entrance Examination  Fee 
  87. Notice Regarding Entrance Exam
  88.  Notification regarding the download of admit cards
  89. Notice Library
  90. Notification Regarding Entrance Examination for admission in UG/PG
  91. Jan Andolan for COVID-19 Campaign reg
  92. letter regarding program on new education policy
  93. Information regarding COVID-19 Positive student
  94.  Notice regarding Extension talk on Igniting Creativity on 11 Oct 2020
  95.  Notice regarding Implementation of New Education Policy-2020
  96. Notice Regarding Fake Email ID
  97. Notice Regarding Scholarship
  98.  Proceeding of the Adhoc committee meeting
  99.  Online link for distinguished talk on Atam Nirbhar Bharat 
  100.  Conduct of practical Examinations /EVS/Computer awareness /of UG 2nd & 4th sem (Only re-appear)/PG 2nd semester (Only re-appear) 
  101.  Notice regarding Viva-Voce LL.M 4th sem
  102. Notice regarding Viva-voce LL.B 6th sem
  103.  Meeting Notice regarding opening of quotation 
  104. Merge of Examination Center in The University Campur sept-2020 
  105.  Notification regarding Admission in 3rd sem onwards
  106. Notice regarding distinguished talk on Atam Nirbhar Bharat 
  107. Centre Building Notice for UG/PG
  108.  Notice regarding Library Books
  109. Exam Notification
  110. Notification regarding Open Elective 
  111.  Office order regarding DDO
  112. Notification Regarding Dean Faculty of Medical Science
  113. Notification Regarding B.Pharmacy Seats
  114. Corrigendum 
  115. Office Order Regarding DDO
  116. Admission Notice BHMCT
  117. Office order regarding  OSD
  118. 5th merit list M.Com Hons. 
  119. Conduct of Practical Examination/Viva/ Project Report/ Industry visit of UG/PG terminal semester sept 2020 
  120. Office Order Regarding Registrar
  121. Office Order Regarding Assistant Director (Engineering branch)
  122. 4th merit list M.Com (Hons.) 
  123. Revised KeyDate for B.Pharmacy Admissions
  124.  YRC Notice
  125. 3rd Merit List of M.Com Hons. Admissions 
  126. Revised 2nd Merit list for M.Com Hons.
  127. Notification regarding regularly attending the University by Teaching and Non-Teaching Staff
  128. KEYDATES of B.Pharmacy Admission 2020
  129. BHMCT 2nd Counselling Merit List 
  130. M.Com (Hons.) 2nd merit list 
  131. Notice Regarding M.Com(Hons) 6th and 10th sem examination  
  132.  Notice Regarding BHMCT Admission
  133.  Notice Regarding Admission
  134.  Merit List for Admission in MCOM (H )5 Year
  135.  Merit list BHMCT
  136.  Order Haryana State Disaster Management Authority
  137. Notice Regarding M.Com(Hons.) Merit List
  138.  Centre Building Notice for UG /PG ( 4th, 6th & 10th Only) Semester Scheme Examinations Aug./Sept. 2020
  139. The Terminal semester exam of all UG/PG (Regular/Re-Appear/Improvement) class through offline conventional mode
  140. Regarding teaching of online classes
  141. Office Order regarding DDOs
  142.  Notification regarding EC Members
  143. Regarding declaration U/s 115BAC for opting old tax regime/new tax tefime under Income tax Act for Computation of TDS on Salary.
  144. Notification  regarding Revised schedule of admission in 3rd sem onwards (Campus Only)
  145. Notification regarding celebration of Independence Day
  146. Notice regarding compulsory online training by HIPA on 7th & 8th August, 2020
  147. Regrading Application of Merit Certificate of YRC  
  148. Notification regarding UG/PG Examination
  149. Admission Notice for M.Com (Hons.) 5 years and BHMCT
  150. Information Brochure  2020-21
  151. Notification regarding opening of University
  152. Admission Notice for UG/PG 3rd sem and onward 
  153. Guideline for Implement MOOCs course at UG Level 
  154.  Notification regarding AC Member  
  155.  NIQ for Printing of Question and Conduct of Entrance Examinations 2020-21
  156.  Notice regarding re-evaluation form
  157. Notice for uploading of leftover awards 
  158. Office Order regarding DDOs
  159. Students Grievance Committee  
  160. Notice Regarding LL.M 4th sem
  161. Notice Regarding Typing Test of clerks Outsource 
  162. Extension of opening of University portal for  filling up of Internal Assessment / Sessional of UG/PG and all professional courses.
  163.  Revised Notice -regarding Extension of last date for filling up re-appear exam form with Late fee.
  164. Mechanism for result preparation 
  165. Notice Regarding Scholarship
  166. Letter regarding meeting of Hon’ble Vice-Chancellor with the Students & Parents
  167. Open of portal fol filling up Internal Assessment….
  168. Exam Notification
  169. Notification regarding M.Sc Physics
  170. Standard Operating Procedure for Examination
  171. Online Yoga activities  on International Yoga Day
  172. Opening of University portal for filing re-appear form
  173. Notice
  174. Regarding COVID-19 Control
  175. Restructuring curriculum of various courses from the session 2020-21
  176. Notice Regarding wearing face mask in The University campus
  177. Online address by Sh. Ramesh Pokhriyal, Hon’ble MHRD Minister on NAAC Web Platform
  178. Notification Regarding attending the office
  179. Regarding selection of MOOC courses
  180. Notification  regarding re-opening of the University dated 21-05-2020
  181. Notification of summer vacations
  182. Regarding constitution of Redressal Committee for handling the grievances of students 
  183. Short-term online Course of One Week Duration on University Engagement with Community
  184. Common Online classes for PhD Coursework –Session 2019-20
  185. Drivers Duty
  186. Poster Making Competition
  187. Selection of MOOCs Courses for UG/PG Programmes under Swayam Portal
  188. Notification regarding re-opening of the University 
  189. Notice – Regarding voluntary contribution towards Haryana Corona Relief Fund
  190. Office order DC Rewari
  191. Appeal to all employees of IGU and affiliated colleges
  192. Committee to prepare the guidelines and Standard Operating Procedures
  193. Notice for Boys Hostel
  194. Notice Regarding Absentee Statement   
  195. Notification University will remain close upto 03.05.2020
  196. Notification University will remain closed upto 03.05.2020
  197.  PRESS-RELEASE-Regarding-ELIS-Portal-as-on-12-Apr-2020
  198.   Notification Regarding IQAC
  199. Duty Chart of Drivers
  200. Framing of Question Bank for UGC-CSIR NET- A Gentle Reminder
  201.  Notification regarding to Pick up the University calls
  202. Regarding submitting the research project proposal by teachers
  203. Appeal : Contribute to combat COVID-19 
  204. Notification regarding extend of last date for the post of Professors and Associate Professors
  205. Regarding allotment of classes topics to JRF and Research Scholars NET
  206.  Regarding enrollment of teachers and students in online teaching and learning
  207. Notification University will remain closed upto 14 April 2020
  208. Notice for Donation of one day salary
  209. Regarding Use of E Resources for Students
  210. Regarding creation of YouTube Channel
  211. Instruction for uploading online study material
  212. Regarding allotment of topics for self study assignments and seminars
  213. Regarding framing of study material for UGC CSIR NET
  214. Notice For closure of universities and colleges
  215. Regarding preparation of e resources for the students
  216. Notification Regarding EC Members
  217.  Notification Regarding Court Members
  218.  Notification Regarding Novel Corona Vius
  219.  Notice Related to Novel Corona Virus
  220.  Notice rarding M.Phill(History)
  221. Notice regarding re-imbursement of Children’s Education Allowance 
  222. Notification Regarding Academic Council 
  223. Inter College Hockey 5’s (W) Championship /Trails 2019-2020 
  224. Holiday Notice 
  225. Regarding B.Pharmacy Admission
  226. Notification  Regarding University Court 
  227. Awareness program about Novel Coronavirus 
  228. Inter College Wushu (M&W) Championships / Trials 2019-20
  229. Notification Regarding EC Member 
  230. Detail of Participants for State level NSS Camp at CRSU Jind
  231. Examination Fee Notice  
  232. Regarding Increase in maximum duration of RCI approved Bachelors / Master degree programme in the field of special Education 
  233. Extension of last date for filling up Exams form for UG/PG  
  234. Seminar on Fascinating Facets of Mathematics 
  235. Nodal officer Red Ribben Club 
  236. Inter College Taekwondo (M & W) Championship / Trail 2019-2020
  237. Awareness program on World Cancer Day
  238. Gyanotsav-2020
  239. Holiday Calendar 2020
  240. Notice inviting quotation   for supply of printer 
  241. Regarding filing of Regular Examination form of all courses
  242. Notice inviting quotation for  Engineering Graphic and Design Lab
  243. Notice inviting quotation for Manufacturing Practice Lab
  244. Practical Examination of M.A Political Sci. 1st Sem & 3rd Sem
  245. University Guest House Rule
  246. Notice Regarding Requirement of Non -teaching staff on Deputation
  247. Open of University  Portal for filling up Regular/Re-appear /Improvement  Exam forms of UG/PG Courses  May 2020
  248. Notice Regarding open university portal for filling up RR/CR of B.Ed   course for the session 2019-20   
  249.  Notification of 2nd counselling for admission in Ph.D Computer Sci. & Engg
  250. Extension of last date for the post of Lab Attendant & Peon (Advt. 06/2019)
  251.  Notification of 2nd counselling for admission in Ph.D English 
  252. Notification of vacant seats for admission in Ph.D computer Sci. & Engg Dec. 2019 
  253. Revised merit list for admission in Ph.d  Economics December 2019
  254. Merit List for Admission in Ph.d Economics December 2019
  255. Viva – Voce Examination of LL.M 4th Sem 
  256. Merit list for Admission in Ph.D Mathematics December 2019 
  257.  Merit List for Admission in Ph.D Computer Sci. & Engg. December 2019
  258. Merit List for Admission in Ph.D Management December 2019 
  259.  Merit List for Admission in Ph.D  Commerce December 2019
  260.  Merit List for Admission  in Ph.D English December 2019
  261. Notice  Regarding change in Venue (Kurukshetra) and Date (6th-11th January 2020)  state level YRC training camp for boys
  262. Advt. 6/2019 (for Lab Attendant and Peon )
  263. Notice Inviting Quotation for Research Binocular Microscope
  264. Notice Inviting Quotation for Chemicals of Himedia Brand
  265. Tender Notice For Sale of Raddi 
  266.  Information BulletIn and Registration form of State Level YRC training camp for boys from 3rd  to 8th January 2020  
  267. Advertisement For Post of Transport Supervisor On Contract Basis
  268. Opening of University portal for filling up of Internal Assessment / Sessional / Internal as well as External Pratical of UG/PG all Courses- Dec-2019
  269. Sealed quotation for Vertical Autoclave (NSW-227)
  270. Conduct of Practical Examination of UG/PG odd semester (Regular/ R-appear)Dec, 2019
  271. Tender Notice
  272. Notice Regarding Auction (नीलामी सूचना )
  273. Exam Notification for M.Com (Hons.)  7th Sem and 9th Sem Dec 2019
  274. Seat slots increase in Mathematics For  Admission to Ph.D programme 2019-20
  275. Notice Regarding Admit Card /Roll No.’s
  276.  Notice Inviting Quotation Of Stainless Steel Tables For Deptt. OF Hotel & Tourism Management
  277.  Notice Inviting Quotation Of Cooking Range Gas For Deptt. Of Hotel & Tourism Manangement 
  278. Notice Inviting quotation For Stereo Microscope with 11″ Digital Display (Redical)
  279. Admission Notice And Application Form  for Ph.D. Programmes 2019-20
  280. Notice Inviting Quotation For Micro Centrifuge (Remi)
  281. Notice inviting Quotation For Olympus Student Microscope
  282. Regarding Uploading the registration card of the student for the session 2019-20
  283. Notice Regarding World AIDS Day Awareness Rally / Programme 
  284.  Viva- Voce  Examination of  LL.B 3rd Sem 
  285. Viva -Voce Examination of LL.B 5th Sem 
  286. Interview Postponed of  Post Of Controller Of Examination
  287. Minute to Minute Programme Of Youth Festival
  288.  Open of University Portal for Cut List/ Roll List of all UG / PG Courses Examination held in December -2019
  289.  Revised Day to Day Program Youth Fest
  290. Notice Regarding proceeding of the meeting of the ‘ Youth Welfare Committee’ for session 2019-20
  291. Extension of last date of submission of entries for university Youth Fest 2019-20 
  292. Invitation for the meeting for organizing Youth Festival at  IGU Nov 2019-20 
  293. Entry Form For Youth Festival 2019-20
  294. Notice Regarding Submission Of Entries and Confirmation For Participation In Youth Festival 2019-20
  295. Notice Regarding Topics For Symposium(Hindi& English) and Declamation In Sanskrit For the session 2019-20
  296. Notice Regarding Amended  Day to Day Program Of Youth Festival 2019-20
  297. Notification Regarding Odd Semester Of UG/PG Courses Examination Form
  298. Notice Regarding Quotations For Pharmaceutical Sciences
  299. Registration of volunteers for Unnat Bharat Abhiyan (UBA) 
  300. Notice Regarding Extended Last Date of RR/CR 
  301. Notice Regarding Academic calendars for under Graduate courses
  302. Entry Form , Individual Form and Medical Form for youth Festival 2019-20
  303. Invitation For Participation in youth festival 2019-20
  304. Notice Regarding Generation of Registration No./ Permanent Roll  No . Of Students admitted in 1st year of all courses 2019-20
  305. Notice Regarding Last date for Submission Of RR/ CR  and Examination Form Extended upto 25-10-2019
  306. Notice Regarding schedule of terms and vacations for B.Ed (Regular) 1st Year Course 2019-20
  307.  YRC Notice 
  308. Notice Inviting Quotations For Repair Of All-In-One Type Computer
  309. Notice Regarding RR /CR /Examination Form Of UG/PG Courses
  310. Notice Regarding Schedule Of Admission For 1st Year Of M.Ed
  311. Notice Regarding Extension Of Last date For Filling Up Re-appear/Improvement Exam Forms Of UG/PG Courses
  312. Notice Inviting Quotations For Pharmaceutical Sciences 
  313. Notice Regarding Nomination of Youth delegate for the IFRC Youth Commission Election -reg
  314. Notice Regarding Enrollment Of YRC Volunteers(Extended Date)
  315. Notice Regarding Opening of University Portal for filling up RR/CR/Examination Form Of UG/PG Courses
  316. Notice Regarding Celebration of National Voluntary Blood Donation Day On 1 st October2019
  317.  Invitation For Sensitization Programme For Health and Hygiene For Safai Karamchari On 2nd October 2019
  318. Notice Regarding Sensitization Programme For Health and Hygiene For Safai Karamchari On 2nd October 2019
  319. Notice Regarding HSCST Fellowship Programme
  320. Notice Regarding Staff updation and EVMs & VVPATs hands on Practice
  321. Notice Inviting Quotations For Furniture Items
  322. Notice Regarding YRC Activities 
  323. Notice Regarding Open of University Portal for filling up Re-appear/Improvement Exam Forms UG/PG
  324. Notice Regarding Youth Red Cross (YRC)
  325. Notice Inviting Quotations For Pharmaceutical Sciences
  326. Notice Regarding Approval of Station Leave and casual Leave
  327. Notice inviting quotations
  328. Notice Regarding Equal Work Equal Pay
  329. Unwarranted participation in hunger strike
  330. Examination Schedule
  331. Notice Regarding Practical exam special fee
  332. Notice Regarding RR
  333. NSS Trial Camp
  334. B.Ed Practical Reschedule
  335. Electoral Roll
  336. Visully Challenged examinee
  337. Promotion of science education
  338. Notice For M.Ed
  339. Letter to Principals Regarding Youth Red Cross
  340. Correction in the Student Data
  341. Building Notice M.Ed
  342. Scheme and Guidelines on Youth Red Cross 
  343. Centralized E-mail for interaction/grievances with Examination Branches
  344. Admission Schedule for B.Ed and M.Ed 2nd Year
  345. Notice Regarding Fees& other Charges
  346. Notice for 1st sem
  347. Admission Notice Supernumerary sets

  348. Admission notice against vacant seats

  349. Advertisement of Resource Person In Psychology and Master of Social Work

  350. Notification Regarding 3rd & 5th Sem onwards

  351.  Notification Regarding Vacant Seats
  352. Advertisement for Resource Person in Botany
  353. Admission Notice
  354. Enrollment of YRC Volunteers
  355. Advertisement for Resource Person in Zoology
  356. Advertisement for Resource Person in Biotechnology
  357. Advertisement for Resource Person in Environment Science
  358. Admission Notification
  359. Celebration of Independence Day
  360. Correction in the Student Data
  361. Girls Hostel Last date for Fee Submission

  362. Notice Girl Hostel
  363. Admission Notice B.Pharmacy   
  364. Open Counseling for M.Sc Psychology and MSW
  365. Physical Counseling against Vacant seats Yoga   
  367. Scheme and Guidelines on Youth Red Cross
  368. New Enrollment of students for Youth Red Cross (YRC)
  369. Vacant seats in M.Sc Psychology and MSW
  370. Vacant Seat Notice (Admission 2019-20)
  371. Admission Notice M.Sc Biotechnology, Psychology and Master of Social Work
  372. Notice Regarding Fees& other Charges
  373. M.Sc (Biotechnology) M.Sc (Physiology) and MSW Merit List
  374. Physical Counseling against Vacant seats
  375. LL.B Admission Notice LL.B
  376. Notice Inviting Quotations
  377. Notice Rani Laxmi Bai Girls Hostel
  378. Notice Inviting Quotations(Wooden Room Divider)
  379. Notice for LL.M 4th Sem Students
  380. Admission Notice
  381. Notice Inviting Quotation
  382. Notification Regarding Admission
  383. Hostel Rule
  384. Admission Notice for 3rd sem Onwards
  385. Quotation for the Printing of Coloured Blank Degrees with Security feature
  386. Admission Notice
  387. Advertisement 2/2019 for post of Professor
  388. Advertisement 3/2019 for post of Assistant
  389. Advertisement for Retired Teachers on Contact Basic
  390. Admit Card LL.B and B.Pharmacy
  391. Reservation of EWS
  392. Advertisement 1/2019
  393. Notice for Inviting Quotations
  394. Admit Card of Entrance Exam-2019
  395. Admission Notice for Extend the last date
  396. Admission Notification for 3rd sem onward
  397. Notice Inviting Quotation
  398. Apply Online for Admission 2019-20
  399. Office Order
  400. Availing of LTC for the Block Tear Jan. 2016 to Dec.2019
  401. Information Brochure 2019-20
  402. Admission Notice 2019-20
  403. Exam Notification for M.Tech
  404. Notice Inviting Quotation
  405. Admission Brochure 2019-20
  406. Corrigendum
  407. Grant of Conveyance Advance for the year 2018-19
  408. Grant of Housing Building
  409. Notice for LL.M 4th sem
  410. Students Grievance Redressal Committee
  411. Appointment of Advisor/ Consultant for IT Related Works
  412. Viva-Voca Examination Notice CSE
  413. Extension of date to conduct External Practical/ Viva-Voce Exams and Internal Assessment of UG/PG co
  414. Open of University Portal for Cut List /Roll List of All UG / PG Courses held in May-2019
  415. Opening of University Portal for filling up Internal Assessment /Practical Award of UG/PG & M.Phil
  416. UMC Result
  417. UMC Hearing Notice .. Notice (I)

  418. Notice Regarding Starts Various Club of activities
  419. Notice LAW Department
  420. Notice Regarding LLM Open Elective
  421. Children’s Education Allowance
  422. Call for Papers for 2nd Issue of Research Journal
  423. Walk in Interview for the Post of Hospitality Manager
  424. Walk in Interview
  425. Extend of last date of Examination Forms of UG/PG
  426. Notice Regarding LLB 5th Sem (M/E) Students
  427. Inter College Grappling Championship
  428. Reminder for LL.B & LL.M
  429. Advertisement for Walk in Interview
  430. Expert Talk on Cervical Cancer Awareness
  431. Notice for LLB & LLM
  432. Pre-Submission Seminar/Pre-Ph.D Presentation Physics
  433. Notice Regarding M.A. Political Science Viva-Voca
  434. Opening of University portal for filling up Examination Form
  435. Advertisement for Walk-in-Interview
  436. Tender Notice
  437. Notice / Schedule for Viva LLB
  438. Notice Invite Quotations
  439. Notice Invite Quotations
  440. Notification Regarding Oath Ceremony of Student Union
  442. Postponed of Walk-in-Interview
  443. Walk in Interview
  444. Regarding Opening of University Portal for Filling Internal Assessment / Practical awards              
  445. YRC Training Camp State Level
  446. Notice for Internal Assessment
  447. Notice Regarding NSS
  448. Expert Talk (World Aids Day)
  449. Building Notice     
  450. Regrading Open Elective LAW
  451. Regarding Internal / Sessional LAW
  452. Notice Regarding Pre-Submition of Ph.D Thesis
  453. Notice Regarding type- IV Houses
  454. Notice Regarding Internal Exam LL.B and LL.M
  455. Document Related to Student Union Election
  456. Notice Youth festival
  457. Notice for teaching and non teaching staff
  458. Committees for Youth Fest, 2018
  459. Regarding Youth Festival
  460. Diwali Vacations
  461. Notice for Teaching & Non-Teaching staff regarding Diwali Mela
  462. Diwali mela
  463. Document regarding NSS Adventure Camp
  464. Celebration of National Unity Day
  465. Haryana Red Cross Mobile App
  466. Regarding Fine Art & Literary Competition
  467. Information regarding state Level YRC Training Camp
  468. Revise Schedule Inter Collage Championship
  469. Revise Schedule wrestling & Athletics
  470. Performa before starting of polling
  471. Performa of Counting of Votes and Declaration of Result
  472. Performa for CR
  473. Quotation for Construction of University Main Gate
  474. Canteen Tender Notice
  475. Ballot Proformas and Nomination Rules
  476. Withdrawal Performa
  477. Notification regarding Executive Council
  478. Control room to manage Students union elections
  479. Performa for counting of Votes & Declaration of Result
  480. Notification for the student’s council
  481. Format for Reserved Girl Student
  482. Recommendation / Guidelines of committee constituted by Govt. for the Students Union Elections.
  483. Clarification of Para VI. 4. f. & g of the recommendation / guidelines of committee constituted by State Govt.
  484. Schedule of Student Union Election
  485. Nomination form for student union election & Undertaking
  486. Invitation of objections if any
  487. Scrutiny Performa
  488. Notice Regarding M.Phil
  489. Format of final list of candidates for the election
  490. Postponement of interview for the subject of political science
  491. Talent Hunt
  492. Revised Schedule for walk in interview
  493. Notice regarding LL.M
  494. Notice regarding film on Gandhi Ji on Dated 5 Oct 2018
  495. Play on mahatma Gandhi’s On Dated 08 Sept 2018
  496. Tender Notice of Canteen/Cafeteria
  497. Invitation for meeting of Youth Festival (all principals)
  498. Competitions Notice
  499. Revise Notice of RR/CR
  500. Advertisement for Walk-In- Interview
  501. Sports calendar for inter college Tournament 2018-19
  502. North Zone Inter University basis
  503. Extension of Last date regarding Enrollment of YRC
  504. RR/CR Revise Notice
  505. Inter College Cross Country (M&W) Championship
  506. Filling Up Examination Form of 3rd sem onwards
  507. Regarding Exam Portal for Re-appear
  508. Notice Regarding Constitute Clubs
  509. Extend the last date of Admission in UG/PG 1st sem
  510. Notice Regarding Participate in Foundation Day Celebration
  511. Advertisement for Walk-in-Interview
  512. Extend the last date of Admission in M.A Hindi
  513. Agenda for the meeting of the Standing Committee on Unfair Means Cases May 2018 Examination 
  514. Notice regarding LL.M
  515. Extend the last date of Admission in UG/PG 3rd sem
  516. Advertisement for Walk-In- Interview(Teaching)
  517. Girls Hostel 2nd List
  518. Notification Regarding Procession fee
  519. Notification Regarding extended of Last date for Admission
  520. LL.B Admission Notification 
  521. Practical Exam of LL.B Semester 4th and 6th students
  522. Enrollment of YRC Volunteers
  523. Open counseling for admission to vacant seats
  524. Notification Regarding MPES and MBA(Tourism &Travel Management)
  525. Notice regarding MCA 6th sem
  526. Girls Hostel List
  527. Extend the last date of Admission in UG/PG 3rd sem
  528. Notice Regarding Registration Return
  529. Extend the last date of Admission in M.A Hindi 3rd sem
  530. B.Ed Practical Notice      
  531. Admission Notice for UG
  532. Advertisement
  533. Open counseling for admission to vacant seats
  534. Advertisement
  535. Amendments in the Ordinance for Three year Under-graduate Course
  536. Admission Notice MCA, B.Tech and M.Tech
  537. Hostel Admission Form
  538. Hostel Notice
  539. Notice Regarding Practical Exam B.Ed
  540. Result Entrance Exam
  541. Admission Notice for 3rd sem onwards
  542. Notice Regarding Admit Card
  543. Download Admit Card for Entrance Exam
  544. Information Brochure 2018-19 for AFFILIATED COLLEGES/INSTITUTES
  545. Entrance Test Schedule for B.Pharma,LL.B & M.Com(Hons) 5 Years
  546. Advertisement
  547. M.ED. 2nd SEM. SCHEDULE
  548. Interview Notice for the post of Assistant Professor in Management
  549. Apply Online for Admission 2018-19
  550. Admission Notice 2018-19
  551. Screening Test Result (Management) held on 27.05.2018
  552. Notice and Instruction for Screening test for Assistant Professor Management (to be held on 27-05-20
  553. Summer Vacations
  554. Postpone the all UG/PG examinations scheduled for 08.05.2018
  555. Advertisement
  556. Regarding Internal Awards
  557. Date Sheet UG
  558. Regarding admission to M.Phil. Program Only
  559. List of Candidates for Admission to M.phil and Ph.D (English)
  560. Recruitment of Non-Teaching Staff on Deputation
  561. Revised Admission Schedule for M.Phil and Ph.D
  562. Recruitment Notice and Interview Information
  563. UMC Meeting for UG,PG
  564. Walk In Interview
  565. Interview Notice for Admission in Ph.D
  566. Notice
  567. Admission Notice M.Phil / Ph.d
  568. International conference on Changing Global Business Environment
  569. Information Brochure M.Phil/Ph.D
  570. Holi Vacation
  571. Auction Notice (नीलामी सुचना )
  572. Youth Red Cross Notice
  573. Advertisement
  574. One Day National Seminar On “Marginality and Visions of Social Change”
  575. Corrigendum
  576. Celebration of National Voter Day
  577. Notice M.A. English
  578. Notice For M.Ed
  579. NSS Form
  580. Notification of Affiliation
  581. Examination Schedule